About Kinetic Personal Training in Berkshire

Kinetic Personal Training StudioKinetic Personal Training is a vibrant and exciting Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy company, formed by our lead personal trainer John Shirley in late 2005. Our vision has been simple: to provide optimum total health and fitness care for our clients through tailored exercise, nutritional planning and sports massage therapy that gives great results in both fitness conditioning and rehabilitation settings.

Over the past eighteen years we have collaborated extensively with some of the world's foremost authorities and experts on health and exercise performance. This has positioned us at the forefront of the fitness training arena - with associated endorsements in both the national television and sporting magazine media.

Our clients have varied from elite international athletes to everyday individuals, some with longstanding pain and injury: with age ranges from 12 to 81 years old!

In September 2011 we opened our first fully private, purpose-built Personal Training and Sports Massage Studio in Wokingham, Berkshire. Our facility contains a private Sports Massage Studio and a state of the art Fitness, Strength & Performance Studio complete with a wide selection of custom-built specialised resistance training equipment rarely found in commercial gyms. We can thus cater to the complete needs of everyday clients through to the most ardent strength and conditioning requirements of international level athletes. This sets us a class apart from the Personal Training majority within the Berkshire region.

Our expertise and experience in scientifically prescribed Corrective Exercise therapy, Sports Massage therapy and in rehabilitation ensures that we are also able to successfully bridge the gap between physiotherapy and personal training. These skills have allowed us to eradicate pain and injury from many clients.

We have a policy of continuing improvement where we strive to achieve perfection by ongoing educational development that continuously increases our knowledge base and improves our skills.

Dynamic Movement AssessmentAs Personal Trainers and Sports Massage Therapy specialists we are very highly trained in our field, with finely tuned skills in:

  • Weight Management– Ultimate Fat-Loss training programs to blitz your way to a perfect body!
  • Nutritional Planning with our innovative dietary coaching system!
  • Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy including the innovative applications of 'Active Release Technique®' (A.R.T®) and 'Fascial Abrasion Technique' (F.A.T) with the ingenious 'FAT-Tool'!
  • Advanced Fitness Testing including Lactate Testing for endurance athletes
  • Biomechanical and postural assessment of body movement and gait (walking/running).
  • Corrective Exercise and exercise therapy - individually tailored exercise on basis of biomechanical assessment
  • Sports Specific Training - tailored 'Strength and Conditioning' for high-performance sporting success
  • Core Conditioning
  • Exercise for Injury Rehabilitation